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Ocean Group Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a solid, specialized international company which provides physical and financial services relating to scrap processing and recycling. Ocean Group Inc. is an institution which is growing vigorously.

Its core activities are providing the right recycling solution to fit client needs. Across the nation from Boston and Seattle and along the coast our team turns out scrap and recovered products into the finest recycled products available today. Ocean Group Inc. provides quality recyclable products from all our resources and various financial plans to suit different needs, and export all grade waste paper, ferrous scrap metals, and nonferrous scrap metals and ship directly from all major ports along the coast.Ocean Group Inc. also operates overseas mills in China which produce newsprint, linerboard and tissue paper. Ocean Group Inc. employs advanced information technology and expands globally to provide more resources and information to the customer. Using the resource network which Ocean capital Inc. built in United States, China and Canada, clients can check the prices and other information of various products quickly. Ocean Group Inc.'s outstanding competence reside in its specialist expertise, leading technology and globally resource network base. Its key values are integrity and reliability. To see a full list of products and services provided, please go to Products & Services.



Ocean Group provides services at the United States, China and Canada, international level for large mills, importers and exporters.

Ocean Group Inc. is pursuing a USA-SINO strategy and has transformed itself step by step from this stage into a international specialist in the scrap processing, recycling industry.

Ocean Group Inc.'s operations use multi-country resource network, enabling clients at the Ocean Pacific area to trade scrap recycling products in The United States directly and transparently.

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Ocean Group Inc. aims at all times to provide the highest possible added value, quality, professionalism, and leading technology for all its clients and all other parties involved. For its shareholders, Ocean Group Inc.'s policy is to maintain an attractive return and profit growth.